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What is staking?

Proof of Stake blockchains use staking as a security mechanism to keep validators honest.

You can help secure the network by holding your crypto in your wallet. In exchange, you get rewarded.

Manage your stakes

Track your staked assets in real-time and keep everything under control with your personal and secure dashboard.

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We’re helping secure the following networks.

Delegate your tokens and earn interest on your crypto.

LTO Network

Annual reward rate 6.8%


Incentives for stakers

Referral program

We offer an affiliate marketing program to all our stakers. Earn crypto rewards by referring other stakers. You gain a share of the staking rewards for the whole staking lifetime.

Automatic giveaways

We give back a part of validator rewards every payout. The winner is randomly selected among our stakers.

Degressive fees

The larger your stake, the lower the commission fee.

Community tools

User dashboard

Manage your funds & referrals easily and transparently.

Telegram bots

Stay up-to-date on everything going on within your favorite ecosystem. Whale bots, wallet trackers, tipping bots, and so on.

Staking rewards calculator

Estimate how much staking rewards you will earn.

Educational content

We create content to educate the community about everything going on in crypto and to support the projects we are running validator nodes for.

How-to guides

Learn how to safely stake your tokens.

Why us?

We have been in crypto for years, and we are known and trusted.

We are knowledgeable.

And finally because we care. We care about the space and the progress DeFi is doing, and we want to contribute.

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Our philosophy

Staking is the process of keeping your crypto in your wallet to secure the network. In exchange, you get rewarded.

Secure infrastructure

We have years of experience in cloud architecture, and run reliable hardware with 24/7 availability to support high-performance networks and prevent slashing.

All the keys are stored and secured offline.

Growing together

We have been in this space for years and have seen it develop.

Our mission is to contribute to future progress.

We invest in supporting the ecosystems and the communities that stake with us.

Community driven

Transparency is a key value for us.

We provide tools that help you keep track of your stake and hold us accountable.

We give back to the delegators that put their trust in us.