LTO Network validator

Validator address


copy address

Annual rewards rate


Payout frequency

Every week

On Mondays 12:00 UTC+0


from 1%

to 2%



How to stake LTO?


Access or create your LTO wallet at:

Make sure to use the bridge to swap your LTO tokens to mainnet tokens whenever you send tokens from ERC20 wallets or exchanges.


Transfer your tokens to mainnet Tokens.

Click on the left sidebar menu and then on Bridge.

Follow the step by step instructions.


Start a lease by accessing the lease menu.

Fill in our address in the recipient box.

Fill in the amount you want to lease and
click on Start lease.

Don’t forget to keep at least 1 LTO for the transaction fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

LTO Network uses blockchain technology to make collaboration and data notarization for businesses more efficient and secure. Digitization and automation via smart contracts allow LTO Network’s clients to reduce administrative overhead and error-prone manual labor while making collaboration between businesses cheaper and faster.

LTO Network leverages a hybrid blockchain architecture consisting of a private and a public network to make the system more flexible and applicable for almost every use case.

LTO Network is based on Proof-of-Stake (Fair Leased Proof-of-Stake). Anyone can run a validator and earn non-inflationary rewards. Rewards are not based on increasing the token supply, but on transaction fees paid by network participants.

There are two options to take part in staking:

  1. 1. Run your own node
  2. 2. Lease to a community node

Running a validator node takes technical expertise and a minimum of 1,000 LTO, although at least 100,000 LTO are recommended to offset server costs.

Leasing represents a viable alternative for many users. It can be done conveniently via the LTO wallet (see our guide above). Only a small fee is taken by the node operator for their services. In our cases, the fee is between 2.5% and 3.5% of the staking rewards a leaser receives.

The user is always in possession of their funds and the lease can be cancelled at anytime.

The circulating is 221,279,198 LTO.
The total supply is 403,395,021 LTO

LTO is available on Binance, Binance Dex, Bitmax, and LiteBit.

No. You have to first Swap your ERC20 LTO tokens to Mainnet LTO tokens. This can be done using the bridge system within your LTO Wallet. For more information, follow our leasing guide above.
The swap fee is 10 LTO.

YRewards are paid out automatically every Monday at 0:00 UTC.

We are a staking service provider with a focus on community engagement. We build software, tools, and other cool stuff.

The name of our LTO Network node is LTO-lease.

We offer a degressive fee program and a free lottery to our stakers.

Degressive Fees

The more you stake, the less you pay in fees.
The following structure applies:


We draw one random lucky winner on a weekly basis. 500 LTO = 1 ticket.
The prize pool is 10% of the fees our node accumulated.

We will continue to support LTO with other tools and services.

These are the Telegram tools you can use right now:
Staking Bot: Keep track of your LTO addresses and transactions and get staking information directly on Telegram
Whale alerts: See what the big hodlers are doing